Friday, September 16, 2011

Laurie Partridge.....a related case?????

I found a missing person case from 1974, in Spokane Washington. Laurie Partridge like Joan Hall was 17 years old and had just left school when she vanished. Ms. Partridge appears to look like Ms. Hall also.

Could it have been the same offender that abducted both girls? If we look at the psychology of an abduction, we know that an abduction involves a sighting, an attack and then the abduction. We also know that the offender was living, working or attending a social function in the area of the abduction.

Could Laurie's abductor have lived/worked in Spokane Washington in 1974 and then in Warrenton Oregon in 1983?

We know that offenders tend to look for victims in a certain age range or with similar looks, so the similarity between Partridge and Hall seems to fit that characteristic.

I know Warrenton is a logging and fishing town, but I am not sure what the main industries in Spokane are. We also have the other females abducted near Newport Oregon and their bodies or remains later found off logging roads or in recent timber clear cuts. That information would suggest that our offender is possibly employed in the timber industry and would have been familiar with logging roads and clear cuts in the area.

Possibly if we look at clear cuts that were being done in September of 1983, we may have a starting point to search for Ms. Hall's remains. A search on the internet revealed that all public and private logging roads were open to the public until 1991, when a civil lawsuit forced private roads to be gated and closed. This information would tend to suggest that since Ms. Hall's remains have never been found, it is a good possibility that she may be on private forest land if she was hidden off a logging road as the Newport victims were.

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